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Is Akingcrab.Com Legit or a Scam Crab Store? Unveiling The Red Flags!

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Is Akingcrab.Com Legit? – claims to be an online store offering a variety of crab products. However, upon closer examination, several red flags emerge that cast doubt on the store’s trustworthiness. This article aims to delve into these red flags and analyze whether can be considered a reputable crab store.

The first concern is the store’s recent creation and short domain expiration, indicating a potential lack of reliability. Furthermore, the ownership of the store by a suspicious company raises suspicions, as does the association of the provided contact address with scam online stores.

The presence of suspicious discounts and free shipping offers, coupled with the absence of proper security measures, adds to the concerns. Additionally, the store’s use of stolen content and product images from other online stores is highly questionable.

Lastly, the absence of any social media presence further raises doubts about the legitimacy of By analyzing these red flags, this article aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of the potential risks associated with making purchases from

Is Akingcrab.Com Legit or a Scam?

Based on the pre-existing knowledge, exhibits numerous red flags, suggesting that it is likely a scam rather than a trustworthy crab store. The website’s creation and expiration dates, which are within a one-year timeframe, raise suspicions about its legitimacy.

Additionally, is owned by a suspicious company called Thunder wing technology, LIMITED, and the contact address provided is associated with known scam online stores.

The website offers suspiciously high discounts and free shipping, which are often tactics used by fraudulent websites to lure in unsuspecting buyers.

Furthermore, the lack of proper security measures on makes it vulnerable to hackers, increasing the risk of financial loss for customers.

It is important to note that using PayPal does not guarantee protection from scams on Therefore, it is advisable for customers to exercise caution and consider the various red flags before making any purchases from this website.

Akingcrab.Com Ownership and Domain

The ownership and domain of the online website in question raise concerns regarding its legitimacy and reliability. The company owner, Thunder Wing Technology, LIMITED, is considered suspicious, adding to the doubts surrounding

The validity of this company is questionable, as it is associated with various scam online stores.

Furthermore, the website’s expiration date, which is in July 2024, is indicative of its lack of trustworthiness. Legitimate online stores typically have longer expiration dates, suggesting that may not be operating with genuine intentions.

This raises doubts about the website’s longevity and the likelihood of it providing a reliable service to customers. These red flags highlight the importance of carefully examining the ownership and domain of an online store before making any purchases.

Akingcrab.Com Suspicious Discounts

One concerning aspect of the online website in question is the presence of highly suspicious discounts. offers outrageous discounts and even provides free shipping on orders over $39.99. This pricing strategy raises questions about the legitimacy of the store.

The discounts seem too good to be true, which is often a red flag for scam websites. Additionally, the quality of the products offered at such discounted prices is questionable.

It is unlikely that a legitimate store would be able to offer such deep discounts on high-quality king crab and king crab legs. This raises concerns about the authenticity and freshness of the products.

Potential buyers should be wary of these pricing discrepancies and carefully evaluate the quality of the products before making a purchase.

Lack of Security Measures

The absence of adequate security measures on raises concerns about the safety of customers’ personal and financial information. Shopping on a website without proper security measures can have potential consequences, such as identity theft, unauthorized transactions, and loss of sensitive data.

Hackers and cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in the website’s security infrastructure, gaining access to customers’ personal and financial information. This information can then be used for fraudulent activities or sold on the dark web.

To identify and avoid potential online scams related to the lack of security measures, customers should look for websites with secure payment gateways, SSL certificates, and encryption protocols. It is also important to verify the legitimacy of the website by checking for reviews, researching the company, and being cautious of suspicious discounts or offers.

By taking these precautions, customers can protect themselves from falling victim to online scams.

Stolen Content and Images

In the realm of online shopping, the utilization of stolen content and images is a deceptive practice employed by unscrupulous websites. Not only is this a clear violation of intellectual property rights, but it also raises concerns about the authenticity and quality of the products being offered., a suspicious online store, has been found guilty of using stolen content and product images from other reputable online stores. This not only raises doubts about the credibility of the website but also suggests that they may be selling counterfeit products.

The act of stealing content and images not only undermines the original creators but also deceives unsuspecting buyers who may believe they are purchasing genuine products. Such practices should be condemned, and consumers should be vigilant in identifying and avoiding websites that engage in intellectual property infringement.

Intellectual Property InfringementCounterfeit Products
Stolen content and imagesDoubts about authenticity and quality
Violation of intellectual property rightsDeception of unsuspecting buyers
Undermines original creatorsVigilance in identifying and avoiding such websites

Absence of Social Media Presence

The absence of a social media presence raises concerns about the legitimacy and credibility of the online store, as it suggests a lack of transparency and engagement with customers.

In today’s digital age, social media has become an integral part of businesses’ marketing strategies and customer interactions. A credible online store would typically have an active presence on popular social media platforms, allowing customers to engage with the brand, leave reviews, and ask questions.

This absence of a social media presence makes it difficult for potential customers to verify the authenticity of the store and gather information about others’ experiences. However, there are alternative ways to verify the authenticity of online stores.

Customers can look for customer reviews on reputable review websites, check for secure payment options, and ensure the website has a valid SSL certificate to protect their personal information.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping

To ensure a safe online shopping experience, it is important for customers to carefully research and consider factors such as website age, return address, customer reviews, and social media presence.

Reading customer reviews is crucial as it provides insights into the reliability and trustworthiness of the online store. Positive reviews indicate satisfied customers, while negative reviews can serve as red flags.

Additionally, checking the social media presence of the store can help identify fake online stores. Legitimate stores usually have active social media accounts with a significant number of followers and engagement.

On the other hand, fake stores may lack social media presence or have fake followers and low engagement. By being vigilant and considering these factors, customers can protect themselves from falling victim to scams and enjoy a safe online shopping experience.

Factors to ConsiderImportance
Website AgeHigh
Return AddressHigh
Customer ReviewsHigh
Social Media PresenceHigh

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine if is a scam?

To determine if is a scam, there are ways to spot online scams and verify the authenticity of online stores. These include checking the website’s age, return address, customer reviews, and social media presence.

Who owns and operates

The transparency and accountability of online businesses are crucial factors in determining the credibility of online stores. It is important for consumers to thoroughly research the ownership and operation of websites to avoid potential scams and fraudulent activities.

What are the suspicious discounts offered by

The discounts offered by are suspicious and may indicate hidden fees. The website provides outrageous discounts and free shipping on orders over $39.99, which raises concerns about the legitimacy and integrity of the store.

Are there any security measures in place on to protect customers’ information?

SSL encryption is crucial for online seafood stores like to protect customer information. Best practices for ensuring data security in e-commerce websites include implementing SSL certificates, using secure payment gateways, and regularly updating security measures to prevent unauthorized access.

Has stolen content and images from other online stores? has been found to engage in content theft, including stealing product images and content from other online stores. This action is illegal and can have legal consequences for the website owners.


In conclusion, exhibits multiple red flags that indicate it is not a trustworthy online store.

The website’s recent creation and short domain expiration raise concerns about its reliability. The association with a suspicious company and the contact address linked to scam online stores further erode its credibility.

The suspicious discounts and lack of security measures also contribute to the skepticism surrounding the store. Moreover, the stolen content and absence of social media presence add to the suspicion.

Buyers should exercise caution and follow safe online shopping practices to avoid potential scams.

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