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Is Designer Optics Legit? Designer Optics Delivers Style And Function

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Is Designer Optics Legit? – Designer Optics, based in Brooklyn, is an online brand that offers a wide selection of fashionable and functional spectacles. With a focus on bridging affordability and luxury, they provide customers with designer eyeglasses at affordable prices.

Their extensive collection includes brands like Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Prada, and Versace, allowing trendsetters on a budget to access high-end styles. Designer Optics has gained recognition in the industry, being featured in Elle magazine, Daily Mail, and The New York Times.

With a review count of 2.6k on Trustpilot, they have established a strong online presence and received positive customer feedback.

In addition to their price match guarantee, free shipping within the United States, and a 14-day return window, Designer Optics offers prescription-type lenses and a warranty through Extend. Whether for women, men, or unisex styles, Designer Optics delivers affordable luxury eyewear that combines style and function.

Designer Optics Selection of Brands

Is Designer Optics Legit? Designer Optics Delivers Style And Function

Designer Optics offers a wide selection of designer brands such as Alexander McQueen, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Prada, Versace, Fendi, Miu Miu, Anne Klein, Stella McCartney, Valentino, and Kate Spade, providing customers with a range of options for fashionable and functional eyewear.

These brands have gained recognition and popularity in the fashion industry, endorsed by celebrities, and featured in prestigious publications. Designer Optics’ online presence allows customers to easily access and explore these luxury eyewear options.

With its extensive list of celebrity must-haves, including Harley Davidson and Kendall + Kylie, Designer Optics offers trendy and stylish eyewear that allows individuals to express their unique fashion sense.

Whether customers are looking for aviator, oval, rectangle, square, or cat-eye frames, Designer Optics provides a variety of styles to cater to different preferences.

By offering affordable luxury eyewear, Designer Optics bridges the gap between high-end fashion and accessibility, allowing trendsetters to express their personal style without breaking the bank.

Designer Optics Positive Customer Reviews

Customers of Designer Optics have expressed satisfaction and appreciation for the quality and value of the eyeglasses they have purchased.

The positive customer reviews on Trustpilot reflect their overall satisfaction with the brand. Here are three reasons why customers are pleased with their Designer Optics purchases:

Exceptional Quality: Customers consistently praise the high-quality construction and materials used in Designer Optics eyeglasses. The frames are durable and well-crafted, ensuring long-lasting wear and value for money.

Stylish Designs: The diverse range of designer brands offered by Designer Optics allows customers to find eyeglasses that not only meet their prescription needs but also align with their personal style. From classic to trendy, there is a wide selection of fashionable designs to choose from.

Great Value for Money: Customers appreciate that Designer Optics offers luxury eyewear at affordable prices. They can enjoy the prestige and style associated with designer brands without breaking the bank. The combination of quality, style, and affordability makes Designer Optics a top choice for customers seeking eyewear that delivers both function and fashion.

Designer Optics Company Overview

Founded in 2011, Designer Optics is an online brand based in Brooklyn that offers a wide selection of fashionable and functional spectacles from renowned designer brands. Led by owner Irvin Chadha, the company aims to bridge affordability and luxury for trendsetters on a budget.

The founder’s vision was to provide customers with access to high-end eyewear at reasonable prices, without compromising on style and quality.

Over the years, Designer Optics has gained recognition in the industry and has been featured in prestigious publications such as Elle Magazine, Daily Mail, and The New York Times.

With their own lab equipped with advanced equipment, they are able to offer prescription-type lenses and ensure fast and efficient order fulfillment.

With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction, Designer Optics has become a trusted source for eyewear, offering a wide range of styles for women, men, and unisex customers.

Designer Optics Eyeglass Styles and Selection

With a wide range of options, Designer Optics offers an extensive selection of fashionable spectacles to cater to various style preferences and needs. Their eyeglass styles encompass the latest trends, ensuring that customers can find frames that are both stylish and functional.

Whether it’s the classic aviator shape, the sophisticated rectangle frames, or the bold and playful cat-eye design, Designer Optics has something for everyone. In addition to trendy frame designs, they also provide different lens options to meet individual needs.

Customers can choose from a variety of prescription-type lenses, including anti-reflective lenses, to enhance visual clarity and reduce glare. With such a diverse range of styles and lens options, Designer Optics allows customers the freedom to express their personal style while ensuring optimal vision.

Frame DesignLens Options
OvalBlue light filtering

Prescription Options

One of the key offerings of Designer Optics is a range of prescription options, allowing individuals to customize their eyeglasses to meet their specific vision needs. Here are four prescription lens types and lens customization options available at Designer Optics:

Single Vision Lenses: These lenses are designed to correct nearsightedness (myopia) or farsightedness (hyperopia) in individuals who have a single vision prescription for distance or near vision.

Progressive Lenses: Also known as multifocal lenses, progressive lenses provide a seamless transition between different vision distances, allowing individuals to see clearly at all distances without the need for multiple pairs of glasses.

Bifocal Lenses: Bifocal lenses have two distinct areas, with the upper part designed for distance vision and the lower part for near vision. They are suitable for individuals who require correction for both distance and near vision.

Lens Customization Options: Designer Optics offers various lens customization options, including lens coatings such as anti-reflective coating, scratch-resistant coating, and UV protection. These coatings enhance visual clarity, reduce glare, and protect the lenses from scratches and harmful UV rays.

With these prescription lens types and customization options, individuals can find the perfect eyeglasses that not only address their vision needs but also provide optimal comfort and visual performance.

Designer Optics Additional Benefits and Services

Moving on from the discussion of prescription options, let’s explore the additional benefits and services offered by Designer Optics. One notable advantage is their extended warranty through Extend, which provides peace of mind by offering free replacement of damaged glasses.

This added protection ensures that customers can enjoy their eyewear for an extended period without worry. Moreover, Designer Optics accommodates flexible payment options, accepting FSA (Flexible Spending Account) and HSA (Health Savings Account) as forms of payment.

This feature allows individuals to utilize their healthcare benefits for their eyewear needs, making it convenient and cost-effective. By offering these additional benefits and services, Designer Optics demonstrates its commitment to customer satisfaction and its understanding of the diverse needs of its clientele.

Comparison with Competitors

When comparing Designer Optics to other eyewear brands in the market, it is evident that their extended warranty and acceptance of FSA and HSA as forms of payment provide added value and convenience to customers.

While Cool Frames also offers high-end styles at an affordable price, Designer Optics goes the extra mile by offering an extensive warranty through Extend. This warranty includes free replacement of damaged glasses, providing customers with peace of mind.

Additionally, Designer Optics accepts FSA and HSA as forms of payment, allowing customers to use their pre-tax dollars to purchase eyewear. This not only saves customers money but also adds convenience to the purchasing process.

By offering these additional benefits and services, Designer Optics distinguishes itself as a brand that not only provides affordable luxury eyewear but also prioritizes customer satisfaction and convenience.

Conclusion – Is Designer Optics Legit?

In conclusion, Designer Optics stands out as a reputable online brand that offers affordable luxury eyewear. With a wide selection of designer brands and positive customer reviews, they have gained recognition in the industry.

The company provides a range of eyeglass styles for both men and women, along with prescription options to cater to individual needs.

Additionally, Designer Optics offers additional benefits and services such as a price match guarantee, free shipping, and a 14-day return policy. In comparison with competitors, Designer Optics delivers style and function without compromising affordability.

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