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Bedstory Mattress Reviews: What Issues Should I Be Aware of With the Bedstory Mattress?

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When considering the Bedstory mattress, watch out for potential issues with edge support and durability. Some users have experienced these concerns over time. The mattress offers balanced support and cooling properties but may lack customization options. Comfort levels are initially good, but some find it too firm or soft. Keep in mind that edge support plays an important role in stability and longevity. To make an informed decision, understanding these issues can help you choose wisely. More insights await those interested in optimizing their sleep experience with the Bedstory mattress.

A Quick Review

  • Comfort may decrease as the mattress ages, affecting overall sleep quality.
  • Customers may face frustrating challenges during the warranty process.
  • Inconsistent firmness levels might not cater to all individual preferences.
  • Initial comfort levels may vary from long-term satisfaction with the mattress.
  • While offering good value for money, durability concerns could arise over time.

Mattress Construction Insights

Bedstory mattress construction is well-designed, providing balanced support for all sleep positions. The temperature regulation features ensure a cool and comfortable sleep environment.

However, some reviewers have noted issues with edge support and durability over time.

Material Composition

Bedstory mattresses are made with high-quality materials that ensure durability and long-term use. The materials are designed to regulate temperature, promoting a cool and comfortable sleeping environment. Additionally, these mattresses excel in motion isolation, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep even if your partner moves around.

Positive points:

  • High-quality materials for durability
  • Temperature-regulating materials for a cool sleep
  • Excellent motion isolation for uninterrupted rest

Negative points:

  • Some may find the mattress too firm or too soft depending on personal preference
  • Limited customization options for firmness or materials
  • May have a slight off-gassing smell initially

Comfort Level

Bedstory mattresses are designed to offer a comfortable sleep experience. The temperature regulation feature helps in staying cool throughout the night. Pressure relief technology ensures comfort in key areas. Plush materials embrace the body, promoting relaxation.


  • Temperature regulation for a cool night's sleep.
  • Pressure relief for ultimate comfort.
  • Plush materials for relaxation.


  • Some users may find the plush materials too soft.
  • Not suitable for those who prefer firmer mattresses.

Drawbacks of Bedstory Mattress

While Bedstory mattress offers comfort features, it's important to consider its drawbacks before purchasing.

Positive points:

  • Comfortable initially
  • Good value for money

Negative points:

  • Comfort may deteriorate over time
  • Warranty process challenges
  • Inconsistent firmness levels

Mattress Edge Support Analysis

When considering a mattress, don't overlook the importance of edge support. This feature not only affects the durability of the mattress but also plays a role in your sleep quality.

Testing the edge support can give you insights into how well the mattress will hold up over time and how comfortable it will be for you.

Edge Support Importance

Edge support is important in evaluating mattress quality because it ensures stability and comfort. Positive aspects of good edge support include feeling secure while sitting or sleeping near the edge, and being able to use the entire surface without the fear of rolling off.

On the other hand, mattresses with poor edge support can lead to a feeling of instability, discomfort while sitting on the edge, and a higher risk of falling off the bed.

Testing Mattress Durability

When assessing mattress durability, it's crucial to consider edge support. Strong edge support ensures the mattress maintains its structure and comfort over time. This leads to a longer lifespan and better overall performance.

However, poor edge support can result in premature sagging and decreased comfort, impacting the mattress's durability negatively.

Impact on Sleep Quality

Good edge support in a mattress positively impacts your sleep quality by maintaining the mattress's structure and comfort. It helps prevent sagging and ensures consistent support for your body, leading to a more restful sleep experience.

However, if a mattress lacks proper edge support, it can result in uneven firmness levels across the surface, causing discomfort and sleep disturbances. Prioritizing mattresses with robust edge support can significantly enhance your overall sleep comfort.

Customer Satisfaction Levels

Bedstory mattresses receive high levels of customer satisfaction due to their exceptional product quality. Customers appreciate the comfort, support, and durability of the mattresses, leading to restful nights and refreshed mornings.

However, some customers have reported issues with delivery times and customer service responsiveness. Despite these minor drawbacks, Bedstory has established a strong reputation for providing high-quality mattresses that cater to a wide range of sleepers.

Is It Legit Or a Scam?

Bedstory mattresses are legitimate products known for their quality and customer satisfaction. They've a trustworthy brand with no scam potential detected. You can feel confident in your decision to choose a Bedstory mattress, as they prioritize customer satisfaction.

However, some customers may find the prices slightly higher compared to other brands.

Is It Worth the Price?

The Bedstory mattress offers a competitive price for the quality it provides. It's a worthy investment for your comfort and sleep quality, offering good value for money.

However, some customers have reported issues with durability over time, which could affect the long-term value.


The Bedstory mattress offers a great balance of affordability, quality, and comfort, making it a top choice for a good night's sleep.

The warranty and return policy provide peace of mind, and the customer service is satisfactory in terms of longevity.

However, some users may find the mattress to be too firm or lacking in customization options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Bedstory Mattress Be Customized to Fit Specific Preferences or Needs?

You can customize the Bedstory mattress to suit your comfort preferences. Enjoy options like firmness levels and materials. Tailor your sleep experience to match what you need for a restful night's sleep.

Does the Bedstory Mattress Come With a Trial Period or Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, the Bedstory mattress comes with a trial period and a money-back guarantee. You can test its comfort level risk-free. The return policy guarantees you're satisfied, and the warranty coverage adds extra peace of mind.

Are There Any Special Care Instructions or Maintenance Tips for the Bedstory Mattress?

To maintain your Bedstory mattress in top shape, don't forget basic cleaning tips like vacuuming and spot cleaning. Rotate it every few months for longevity. Following these easy maintenance instructions will guarantee durability and a good night's sleep.

How Does the Bedstory Mattress Compare to Other Popular Mattress Brands on the Market?

When comparing the Bedstory mattress to other brands, you'll find its comfort level rivals the best. Plus, its price point is unbeatable. Enjoy quality sleep without breaking the bank. Get the best of both worlds!

Are There Any Additional Accessories or Products Recommended to Enhance the Performance of the Bedstory Mattress?

Looking to enhance your Bedstory mattress? Consider mattress toppers for extra comfort and adjustable bases for customizable support. These additions can elevate your sleeping experience and cater to your specific needs.

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